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Doubt, fear, self-loathing, and detachment from a spiritual life are symptoms of an injured spirit. The chaos of our daily lives often keeps us from healing those symptoms, developing healthy relationships, and learning to maximize our Sacred Intelligence. Through Sacred Intelligence: The Essence of Sacred, Selfish, and Shared Relationships, Dr. Terrlyn Curry Avery describes how healing must begin with a loving relationship with the Sacred and with ourselves before we can have loving relationships with others. Using a three-fold understanding of the sacred, selfish, and shared relationships we all encounter, Dr. Curry Avery illustrates how we can access and use our Sacred Intelligence to create and maintain healthier relationships. Sacred Intelligence clearly outlines an approach to spiritual healing, with guidelines for personal meditation, reflection questions, and space for self-evaluation. True, modern-day stories of sacrifice, awareness, and hope begin each section. Each chapter offers a sacred passage to help elevate understanding about the importance of each person's journey. Dr. Curry Avery's passion behind Sacred Intelligence is fueled by the belief that 'relating' on both a spiritual and human level is crucial to the direction of our lives and allows us to live out our full potential. Sacred Intelligence is a balm that any reader can apply to his or her spirit. The prognosis is healing, understanding, and peace.
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