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"SPIRIT AND LIFE." Perhaps a presumptuous title, but the authors feel that this collection of songs will bring enthusiasm and vigor into any Sunday school or church service where it may be used, so that in the ordinary sense of the words the title is not an inappropriate one. We trust, however, that our songs will also bring the deeper, truer blessing of the SPIRIT AND LIFE: that abide in the words of Christ...-from the PrefaceSubtitled "A Collection of Songs for the Sunday School, Young People's Societies, Devotional Meetings, and Revival Services," this hymnal, dating from 1894, features a glorious selection of graceful, prayerful hymns, some written by the authors:. "How You Grow" celebrate children. "The Christmas Bells" rings with the sounds of the holiday. "There's a Light at the River" lends hope in difficult times. "In the Newness of Life" rejoices in the trust of Jesus. and many more.Complete with sheet music and lyrics, these beautiful songs continue to inspire faith and exult in the Lord.OF INTEREST TO: performers of devotional musicAUTHOR BIO: EDMUND SIMON LORENZ (1854-1942) and DAVID ELIJAH DORTCH (b. 1851) wrote numerous books on church music; Lorenz founded the Lorenz Music Publishing Company of Dayton, Ohio.
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