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Gentlemen might be in short supply today, but this little book of wisdom could be a cure. If you're a young man who cares about the quality of his mark on the world -- or if you know such a young man -- the aphorisms of "The Gentleman's Handbook" may prove a helpful guide. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Aaron Shepard is an author, photographer, publisher, and aspiring gentleman. He lives with his wife and fellow author, Anne L. Watson, in Friday Harbor, Washington. ///////////////////////////////////////////////// CONTENTS A Gentleman in LoveA Gentleman in SpeechA Gentleman in SocietyA Gentleman in Life ///////////////////////////////////////////////// SAMPLES A gentleman always finds a compliment for a lady he loves. A gentleman never compares one lady to another. A gentleman understands that every lady is a flower, and that love will make her bloom. ---------------------------- A gentleman listens carefully to others and takes pains to remember what he hears. A gentleman never smirks. A gentleman knows that words should be weighed, not counted. ---------------------------- A gentleman understands that the value of any person goes far beyond their usefulness to him. A gentleman does not leave messes for others to clean up. A gentleman knows he cannot help others if he does not stand on firm ground himself. ---------------------------- A gentleman knows that what he does is less important than how he does it. A gentleman does not avoid what ...
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