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The quote from Karl Marx taken out to the headline treats a person as a rational being realizing the being as a whole and inexhaustible. Hence - the problem of philosophical knowledge and philosophical perception of the whole as a purely philosophical problem. For its solution the author is developing a theory of being, motion, space and time, relying on modern natural, inter alia, on cosmological perceptions of the world, challenging some of them, including the "theory of enlargement of the Universe", "recession of galaxies" et al. Decision of assigned tasks required author to address to the problems associated with a fundamental question of philosophy, as well as the theory of knowledge, consciousness, nature of the ideal and the mechanisms of spiritual production. Solving these problems "in a non-traditional way," especially when you consider that these "traditions" have become or are strenuously made far from the identified problems neo-postpositivist and postmodern constructions, the author refers to the ancient and more recent origins of classical philosophy. For scientists, professors of philosophy, graduate students.?

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