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This all-new 3rd edition of the Standard Catalog of World Coins: 1601 - 1700 represents a combination of thirty years of research, data accumulation, photography and persistence in providing a single, comprehensive catalog to which collectors can turn. The casual collector, specialist and dealer alike are provided with the latest information on market valuations reflecting our expanded database for the era of world coinage history. Easy References for Identification and Current Value Conversion Expanded Descriptions Illustrated Instant Identifiers Standard International Numeral Systems Clearly Defined Political Structures and Coinage Types Grading Terminology and Abbreviations Precious Metal Weights of Coins Hejira Date Conversion Chart Coin Denomination Index Foreign Exchange Rates Cross-Referenced Country Index Hundreds of New and Improved Images ____________________________ Последние цены на монеты всего мира с 1601 по 1700 удобно упорядочены по странам, состоянию монет. Каталог содержит более чем 20 000 фотографий.
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