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Brand Motospeed Model G1000 Quantity 1 Color Black Material ABS Key Numbers 105 Connection Method 2.4G Wireless Power Supply Every 2 x AAA for mouse and keyboard included Supports System Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Other Features One-button multi-media key; Key uses chocolate cap fashion and elegant; One area keys which save more spaces than normal one; Seamed conductive film to prevent liquid; Adjustable tilt legs provide the best comfort; Compact structure design; High sensitivity and mute mouse; Ergonomic for both left and right hands; 2.4G wireless technology bidirectional transmission; 1000dpi high accuracy optical mouse; Transmission range is about 10m; 360 degree freely control; Dual-side anti-slip design more comfortable; Strengthen Teflon pads moving more smoothly; Durable and longer 5000000 times of button life Packing List 1 x Wireless keyboard 1 x Wireless mouse 1 x Receiver 4 x AAA batteries
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