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This is one keyboard that will surely impress you with its sheer thinness. One of the cool features is the full number pad that doubles as your touchpad once you slide the locking bar over to the right. The keys are a nice size and they layout is perfect for anyone who is constantly at work in front of their computer. It features a great ergonomic design that will eliminate the risks of repetitive strain injuries. - Brand: Rapoo - Model: E9080 - High quality ABS + stainless steel material - Ultra slim wireless keyboard - Fashionable design - Reliable 2.4GHz wireless connection with up to 10 meters working range - Touchpad and numpad switch design - You can switch between touchpad mode and numpad mode whenever you like just need a gentle slide - Working voltage: 1.5V/30mA - Supports Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 - Powered by 2 x AAA batteries (included) - Comes with receiver & English/Chinese manual
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