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батарейный мод eleaf ipower 5000 mah 80 w стальной купить по лучшей цене

Good news. Now you can get the Xiaomi 5000mAh Power bank at the price of 12.99USD after Coupon Code: c106af note: coupon quantity is limited, activity time is setted at May 1st to May 31th. Always buy original: There are a lot of fake Xiaomi powerbanks in the market. If you see sellers or other online stores selling at super low prices they are likely fakes. Fakes will often have low quality dangerous batteries that can burn up or even explode. All our Xiaomi powerbanks are safe and guaranteed to be original. How to tell the fakes? Xiaomi Official link: http://hd.mi.com/f/zt/hd/2014082602/index.html Xiaomi Officail Product Authentication link: http://www.mi.com/verify/ Video (How to identify): Here are some easy ways to spot fakes, If you ordered from a Chinese seller and the manual is in English. If the packaging has no MI verification sticker or serial number. If the power LED's are bright and even illuminate the white casing. More questions and discussions are welcome to post here: Look inside our Xiaomi Powerbank Description: Battery capacity: 3.7V 5000mAh Interface: Micro USB(input) USB(output) Input: 2.0A(TYP) DC 5V Output: 2.1A DC 5.1V Charging time: about 3 hours with 5V/2A charger Charge temperature: 0-45 Discharge temperature: -20~+60 Weight: 150g Compatible with iPhone, HTC, Samsung, smartphone and Tablet PC(the power bank will adjust the output power automatically to meet different devices' needs) Human engineering round conner design, more comfortable to handle. With anodic oxidation technology, the color will keep fresh. Function: Short-circuit Protection, Input Overvoltage Protection, Output Over-Current Protection, Onput Overvoltage Protection, Over-charge Protection. Four LEDs to show battery level. Package include: 1 x Power Bank 1 x USB Cable More Details:
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