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[on promotion] digital sound processor dp226 dsp sound system 2 in 6 out купить по лучшей цене

Simply record smarter. Thanks to voice activated recording, the digital recorder is ready to record your notes or thoughts while on the go. Even with a tiny sized body, this digital recorder is still able to provide you with great performance. DSP Noise Reduction Effectively filter the ambient noise in the recording environment and record clear sound, which is recommended to use in noisy environment. Automatically Voice Control to Record It will start to record while detecting sound and stop recording while without sound, save the storage space. Record Silently The indicator light and sound can close, convenient to record silently without being noticed. Automatically Time Syncing Function Save the sound recording with the name of time, easy to find. 360° Surrounded Record With intelligent AGC modules on both sides, can intelligently adjust the focus of sound course, the recording distance is up to 60m. Autosave While Outage The recorder will save the sound recording while outage or out of power, and then auto power-off, ensuring the safety of data. Charge without Wire Can directly connected with power bank, computer, charger and etc to charge, support recording while charging, convenient for your use. Specifications Brand HBNKH Model H-R100 Continuous Recording Length 4G 8 hours, 8G 36 hours, 16G 72 hours, 32G 150 hours The Recording Formats WAV/MP3 Display No Signal to Noise Ratio > 88 db Frequency 20Hz-20KHz Storage 4G/8G/16G/32G Bit Rate The system default WAV format 512 Kbps Headphone Output Dual channel stereo headphones, 32ohm Weight 25g Distortion Less than 0.05% Power Supply Built-in lithium battery Connection Mode USB interface Package Contents 1 x Digital Sound Recorder
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